White Fillings

There is no need to have metal fillings anymore when you can have stunning white fillings in Liverpool today. Many people through there life have had a tooth or teeth filled however they have tendered to be made of amalgam thus not only did they look dull they proved to be very sensitive too so when you had a meal they can produce a little pain or discomfort. These days it’s a different story and you can have a broken tooth or indeed teeth filled with a acrylic resin composite which can be colour matched to look great giving you a natural looking smile.


How they are inserted

With a little local anesthetic, any pain and discomfort is removed and your existing teeth will be cleaned and prepared for the treatment, then its applied to the cavity and set in place. Set, shaped and polished all the work is done.

How long do they last?

The average life span of white fillings is 5 years, saying that they can last longer (amalgam lasts 10-15 years) the lifespan tends to be shorter purely because they wear out over time due to pressure when eating etc.