Invisalign Invisible Teeth Braces

Invisalign is an orthodontics service carried out in Liverpool a service carried out by our dedicated dentists is an effective way of straightening your teeth with the use of clear aligners. There is no wires or metal used they are practically invisible  leaving you with lots of renewed confidence and peace of mind.

There a snug fit and if your going out for a meal or party and when your looking to brush or floss you can simply remove them then reinsert them when your done and let them continue working there magic, as for dental treatment this is a popular service with many delighted patients.

How long does the treatment last?

The average treatment runs from 10-16 months with regular checkups and aligners changed accordingly.


Invisalign teeth braces


Benefits of Invisalign

– Treats crowding, cross bite and spacing
– Actually straightens your teeth
– Practically invisible once fitted
– Comfortable to wear
– No need to change your diet
– Removable for cleaning, flossing
– Leading technology for teeth straightening
– Plastic so no cut mouth or sores through use
– Aligners need infrequent changing so your routine is not affected
– Straightens your Teeth
– Helps to give you a beautiful smile