Root Canal Treatment

Many people suffer in silence when they have an infection in the root of there tooth but there really is no need to at our Liverpool clinic we can remove the bacteria with our root canal treatment and usually save your tooth in the process.

If you don’t have root canal treatment the chances are you could well loose your tooth and the infection can cause significant pain and then you may be looking at a denture or implant to fill the gap left – why suffer when you can visit us in Liverpool for your root canal treatment following treatment be pain free?

The facts about root canal treatment

Root canal treatment in Liverpool is carried out by our skilled dentists and its needed when you have an infection in the pulp allowing for the growth of bacteria it needs treating to not only alleviate pain also to stop further damage too. There is no need to be frightened by this service, once you take the seat we will calm your concerns with our gentle and caring approach.


For affordable and professional root canal treatment in Liverpool contact us today and say goodbye to pain and discomfort bought about by the same.