Dental Implants

At LDS Dental we produce dental implants at the best prices and of the highest quality. There is no need to go abroad with our dental implants being priced just right and fitted to perfection.

Its true you can go to European countries and have this treatment carried out but there are no guarantees and thus no piece of mind on any dental implant be it a 1 or a whole mouthful so it is fair to say it’s a gamble.

At LDS dental in Liverpool, we have a skilled dental implants team who provide the highest quality service without the big price tag and what’s more we guarantee our services too. So if you have any issues with your dental implants we are a mere call away.

With our dedicated team LDS dental Liverpool fit high grade dental implants matching your existing shade to perfection and giving you a smile to be proud of thanks to our popular dental implants service in Liverpool, contact us today.




How this treatment can  help

  • Makes eating considerably easier in the area the prosthesis is fitted.
  • Improves confidence when talking and smiling.
  • Helps reduce the load on the jaw thus extending the lifespan of existing teeth and reducing wear and tear on the same.
  • Typical lifespan of implants is around 10-15 with proper care.
  • LDS only uses the best high grade materials