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We are your first choice for all your cosmetic dentistry treatments, Our expert team at Liverpool dental provide a friendly and professional service producing outstanding results from a smile makeover for a special occasion to straightening out a tooth or teeth contact us today and speak to one of our cosmetic dentists who can arrange a consultation and give you free advice on the cosmetic dentistry procedures required. Our services are comprehensive, choose from the list below:

Teeth Whitening

You may have stained teeth from drinking Coffee, Tea, foods like curries or maybe you smoke and your teeth are yellowing.. Well don’t worry we can help. We can help restore the whiteness of your teeth and at a price of just £149! This includes a home whitening kit so you can carry on at home. With the latest technology the teeth whitening we carry out will you a smile you deserve.. Find out more about teeth whitening.


At times in our lives we can loose a tooth, it may be through decay or an accident but it’s lost. The good news is at Liverpool dental we have skilled dentists who can implant a porcelain tooth giving you back your confidence and thus you can smile again! The first step is to arrange a consultation with our dental team who will then advise you on the way forward, our dental implants are hardwearing with an average life span of 10 years. Find out more about implants.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are basically a porcelain jacket placed over a damaged or discoloured teeth and using a strong dental glue sit snugly over the damaged tooth. With expert colour matching they are hard to tell from your existing teeth, once fitted they can last a lifetime providing you take care of your oral health with regular brushing and flossing too. Find out more about Veneers.


When you’re missing teeth it can affect your speech, confidence, ability to eat and so possibly bring about infection if left untreated, the good news is we can help. We can make a bridge that will fit like a glove and with this prosthetic fitted you will soon feel back to normal. Once a dental bridge is fitted, with proper oral hygiene it should last a long time. Get more info on bridges.


It may be you need dentures fitted due to smoking or another condition where your teeth are missing, at LDS we can help by taking a mold of your upper or lower jaw and manufacturing a set of dentures that will look fit the shape of your mouth and look wonderful too. Discover more about our dental dentures.

Orthodontics/Teeth Straightening

Over time or indeed from an early age your teeth can be (or become) crooked and it can be embarrassing, there is a solution which is Invisalign. These almost invisible clear braces will straighten your teeth over time and are professionally fitted at our Liverpool practice. Find out more about Invisalign

White Fillings

There is no need to have metal fillings anymore when you can have stunning white fillings in Liverpool today. Many people through there life have had a tooth or teeth filled however they have tendered to be made of amalgam thus not only did they look dull they proved to be very sensitive.. Read more